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22 January 2010


Is Essential
I regularly diarise and follow up queries I have sent but haven't received a 'yes' or a 'no thank you' to. Sometimes I still get nothing back which is fine and I leave it at that. But sometimes it pays off and you hit the inbox at just the right time. I followed up a submission I made last July (yes that's July 2009). First the piece was delayed because the editor got swine flu and quite understandably so. I followed up in October but hadn't heard anything and in my January, New Year Brush Sweeps Clean kind of way, followed up again last week. She had lost everything pre Christmas on her PC and was desperate for copy! Well, not that desperate it is a good article (I say bravely!).

Three Cheers For - The Ups and Downs of My Writing Week

  • Another rejection for All Will Be Well. I've decided to shelve finding it a home for now. Having gone through the editing process with my second novel has provided me with some insight which I didn't have for the first one. So maybe I'll dust it down later in the year.
  • An article accepted for Country Kitchen on Wartime Diet
  • On target with completing Work in Progress the Good Life - have put the Saxon piece on hold as I've been finishing this one for the last 12 months! About 5000 words written this week
  • Almost finished editing The Promise...
  • A third article submitted to Constant Content and the second one has been sold!
  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101, a book review on The Street Lawyer by John Grisham and a recipe, Thai Chicken Curry - a favourite in this household!
  • Draft article for submission to the Oldie - being checked out by one of my Writers Abroad mates, thanks Paola!
  • Searching for a piece that might be suitable for the Haiti Appeal for 100 short stories. The deadline is on Monday so its pretty tight
  • Three queries submitted to The New Writer, Natural Health and Overseas Living
  • Editing of academic papers for Leadership in Health Services - things are looking good with submissions for this year!
Well, that's all for now folks, need to fly as my young Italian boy is due for help with his English homework.
Ciao for Now!

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Rob Innis said...

Hey Jo, No wonder you are our leader what a work rate! Take it easy with the Thai chicken curry though - and suggest don't invite the Italian neighbours round for that one - you will blow them away!

Giovanna said...

Thanks Rob, but as you can see from this weeks post, doesn't always pay. Quality rather than Quantity comes to mind, or is that a bit of a hackneyed phrase these days? And the Italians wouldn't thank us for a curry at all, they don't get it!