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13 August 2010


Or Just Serendipitous?

I'm not generally a superstitious person. And I'm certainly not one of those writes who has to go through some kind of ritual or have a favourite gonk that needs to sit on my desk. My grandmother was extremely superstitious. So much so my mother had to change the month she'd planned her wedding, 'marry in May, rue the day!' As my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary two years ago, she may well have been write. 
So where is all this going, I hear you shout. Well, I'll tell you. Today I received a letter from the editor of My Weekly, a magazine for short stories. I'd sent a story to them a very long time ago. So long in fact, that I hadn't recorded it on my submission tracker (don't get too excited - just read index card). Anyway, the editor liked my story and said 'it has a wonderful, romantic yet real atmosphere...' and that she wants to publish it. My third short story to be published. And after a bit of a lull with a couple of short listed pieces that had me checking the results page every five seconds, very welcome news indeed. It is just an indescribable feeling. I know as a writer, I should describe it.... it feels like a large piece of Cadbury's chocolate melting on the tongue  - pure bliss (shame we can't get Cadbury's out here in Italy).
And the link to superstitions? Well, I only realised much later today that it is Friday 13th. The day and date many people don't get out of bed for. Well in my book, Friday the Thirteenth is a great day and I'm going to honour it well - I've suddenly become very superstitious.
Have a great writing weekend... 

Don't Think Just Write

6 August 2010


Well, It Should Be...Shouldn't It?
August is often termed as one of those 'silly months' like Christmas time when nobody is expected to get anything done. Isn't that right? I've been using that excuse about my writing for the last 6 days so it must be right. I think about writing. I think about writing most of the day but manage to do anything but write. I don't know what it is but it's annoying and I'm just going to have go into a corner and give myself a hard time. There are so many things I could be writing about, Christmas for one as now is the time if you want to write something seasonal. But  when it's 30 odd degrees and the whole of the country are on holiday from chemists, to newsagents to restaurants (well for Italy that's the case). It is the season when the city folk from Milan, Rome and Florence shake off their D & G (I'm told that's the correct way to refer said designer of 'have to have' clothes) don a sun-dress and shorts and head for their homes in the country. Houses which are empty for eleven months of the year come alive with chatter and laughter and all over the country on Sunday 15th August will be celebrating' Ferragosta', one of the most important catholic holidays. According to those in the know, this is the day that the Virgin was 'assunta in cielo', or in other words, taken to heaven to be with  her son Jesus. It's a day for families and for celebration. So there is plenty of scope for a story to be told there in a number of ways. There is always a story to tell, whatever month or season it may be. So next week, I should be reporting on what literary delights I have penned...right?
Don't Think Just Write

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