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3 June 2011


As you've probably noticed if you are one of the few that actually follow this blog, I have posted since the beginning of last month. It's been a conscious decision. I don't have any excuse. I just set some priorities and this wasn't one of them. As you can see from the Writer in Progress blog I haven't been sat around twiddling my fingers either. 

I've had quite a productive May in many ways as well as having my father over to visit for ten days, so overall I'm quite chuffed with myself. I'm hoping that June will be just as fruitful and it probably will particularly in the garden. June is a busy month if you grow your own vegetables like we do but it is one of the most satisfying achievements I could imagine. It's a little like writing (bear with me here). I start off with little seeds (either from a packet or in my head) and  plant them in the ground or commit pen to paper. Then I dabble with them, make sure they have enough water, talk to them (yes I do!) and when I see the a tiny little shoot breaking through the compost, I just know that something will happen. Sometimes nothing happens, it just dries up and I don't dwell on it, just go on to the next set of sowings, or tend to the larger seedlings. Writing, a little like gardening is best done daily and in short bursts, that way I don't get out of practice or feel the tug on underused muscles. And daily I see progress, sometimes very small and sometimes not for a long time but when it comes to harvesting, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. 
So I'm going to make sure I continue to apply this strategy to both of my passions, with equal zest and hope that the literary harvest is just as tasty!
And I'm into quotes at the moment so here is one for June:

If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance.”
Bern Williams

Which actually is quite an apt quote for me and my Man Friday as we celebrate two wedding anniversaries this month, yes two! One on the 11th which is the day of our wedding ceremony in Florence and one on the 21st which is the day we had a humanist blessing back in the UK. Sweet eh?

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