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26 September 2008


Publication at Last!
Well, I'm just 'chuffed' to pieces (it's a northern term I was told by a guy from Sheffield). As well as the piece I talked about last week, I have had a feature written and accepted within a week of my first query. That's going some by any standard I'd say. Last Friday (after I'd written my blog) I whizzed of a query to a publication I'd read about in Writing Magazine. On Monday the Editor accepted my pitch and asked for copy asap as (luckily for me) my query complimented a feature they were already working on. I submitted the feature last night and the purchase order arrived in the post today! Wow, now that's fast work.
I can't take all the pomp and glory though, as I must acknowledge the input from my Man Friday as this was a first person piece about a personal experience of ours. Writing features first person was harder than I thought, especially when I have been writing very factual, tight pieces for e-publication. It has been a very refreshing and thoroughly enlightening experience. I realise that this might not be the general experience of many writers but I feel like making myself one of those name badges with ' I'm a Writer' written on it!

The second feature I talked about has been submitted, but now there are a few issues with images (not my strong point I must admit, but I'm learning fast!) Anyway it seems to be ticking along...

Finally we have more relatives arriving (for the majority of October in total) so I've been trying to plan out some targets for the next month. I've written almost 36,0000 words towards my novel and at the moment the characters are living with me day and night. I've never quite had this 'invasion' and it feels really good and just like how I've heard other writers talk about the writing process. I have some way to go though, to get achieve my deadline for November and whilst I had planned for the beginning, I'm now thinking that the end (of November) is more realistic. Anyway the way my characters are behaving - they won't leave me in peace until I tell it how it is!

Finally on the Bedside Table
I finished The Road Home - absolutely fabulous read and a fairly happy ending (I like happy endings...) but it had some real 'aha' moments for me, especially about some of the hardships immigrants can face.
I am now reading The Chimney Sweepers Boy by Barbara Vine and it has me hooked. Its about a writer and his family and secrets and it really is a classic page turner. I've never read any of hers before but I shall definitely be looking forward to other titles.

19 September 2008


Well Rested and Ready for Action?
As you've noticed, I've been absent for some time. Even budding writers needs some time off for rest and relaxation! Well, I have had some I can't deny - shared with family and it's been impossible to sit at my desk when my 3 year old granddaughter and 8 year old grandson were here as I haven't seen them for five months! However, we had a lot of laughs and a great time and I even managed to capture a few ideas for future consideration so all is not lost!

This week I've spent trying to catch up and plan for the next few weeks (more visitors arrive next week and week after for about a month!) and I'm determined to stick to some targets, which nevertheless might have moveable goal posts but hey who is in charge around here?
I've just completed an article which was commissioned some months ago and the publication has had a change of editor, so fingers crossed that it meets with approval. If it does, it will be my first published article in a 'Premier Class' Magazine. More later (if I'm published).

Bedside Table
As with the writing, my reading has taken a back seat lately but I'm halfway through The Road Home by Rose Tremain. I've started it about three times but now I'm totally absorbed and would love to meet the main character, an immigrant called Lev.