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14 September 2011

Book Analysis - Sister

TITLE:  Sister
AUTHOR: Rosamund Lupton
GENRE: Crime/Literary Blend
VOICE: Haunting, powerful yet fragile
TONE/MOOD: Gripping, frightening, spooky,                      
THEMES: Families, Murder, Relationships, Sisterly bonds

Debut Novel by a script writer whose background is very evident in the writing. The cover is intriguing with a solitary figure in a red coat walking in the snow.

Beatrice’s sister goes missing and she flies back to the UK from her home in the States to try and find her. Along the journey Beatrice discovers as much about herself as well as lots of things she didn’t know about her sister and her family dynamics.

Twenty-three chapters of varying length all readable in one short sitting. Some chapters are set within a time frame e.g. Monday evening which helps to place the time and place of the story

First person POV hard to maintain but author manages this extremely well over 358 pages, this is a long story. We see the world through the eyes of Beatrice but also through emails and flashbacks of telephone conversations we see how the other characters see things particularly the sister, Tess.

Set exclusively I London, although Beatrice lives in the US the story starts with her coming over to try and find Tess. Some links to famous well-known sights helps to place the story and make it familiar to read.

I was eager to get to the end because I wanted to find out what happened, so lots of hooks and suspense. However, I felt this dragged a little towards the end, almost to drawn out but it did add to the ending which was very unexpected so looking back it was probably the right thing. It was beautifully written with a very distinctive voice.

The author’s script writing skills are demonstrated very well in this story, with very clear scenes which are acted out with a sense of wholeness and distinction.  The suspense slowly built up and the sense of Beatrice’s desperation about the disappearance of her sister is very real.

Don't Think Just Write

1 September 2011


It's the first of a new month and that's when I start to make myself all kinds of promises. But before I can fulfill the actions that just spilled out into my journal I need to do a bit of housekeeping first. 
I don't know about you but my desk looks like a war zone. It's got glasses of days old water, a cold cup of tea,  pens, pencils and highlighters of all colours, paper some clipped together, dictionaries, books on writing, books for analysis, a calculators, writing magazines, part edited novels, stapler and a box of tissues. 
Phew, I'm sure I've missed loads - oh yes a large bankers lamp which is great in the winter but takes up a lot of room right now... 
So can I find anything? No, I can't.
Do I have a filing cabinet? Yes I do, last opened... some months ago.
Could I arrange thing so I don't spend the whole day cursing that I'm sure I left it right.... there. Perhaps. 
First job on the Action List - Get Organised.
Second job - Start as You Mean to Go On (which I've failed on already as I made a list for today and done just about everything else but what was on the list!)

So tell me, what is your writing desk like?

Don't Think Just Write