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19 September 2008


Well Rested and Ready for Action?
As you've noticed, I've been absent for some time. Even budding writers needs some time off for rest and relaxation! Well, I have had some I can't deny - shared with family and it's been impossible to sit at my desk when my 3 year old granddaughter and 8 year old grandson were here as I haven't seen them for five months! However, we had a lot of laughs and a great time and I even managed to capture a few ideas for future consideration so all is not lost!

This week I've spent trying to catch up and plan for the next few weeks (more visitors arrive next week and week after for about a month!) and I'm determined to stick to some targets, which nevertheless might have moveable goal posts but hey who is in charge around here?
I've just completed an article which was commissioned some months ago and the publication has had a change of editor, so fingers crossed that it meets with approval. If it does, it will be my first published article in a 'Premier Class' Magazine. More later (if I'm published).

Bedside Table
As with the writing, my reading has taken a back seat lately but I'm halfway through The Road Home by Rose Tremain. I've started it about three times but now I'm totally absorbed and would love to meet the main character, an immigrant called Lev.

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