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17 September 2010

Back In (Writing) Business

And At My Desk
It's been a long and hot summer, as you can see by my absence. I am so glad that autumn is on it's way and am even enjoying the storms and consistent rain we are experiencing at the moment... after temperatures of over 40 degrees, my brain is starting to function a little more as normal (whatever normal maybe).

But I haven't been slacking, promise... I've launched a new website for my fiction persona, Louise Charles along with a new blog. "Why oh Why" I hear you cry? Well, I have a number of fictional pieces all 'works in progress' and not getting much further than that. And I made a decision over the summer to commit myself to getting these WIP's into shape, or rewritten and to make that commitment as public as I possibly can. So the new website has a page dedicated to each novel, with a brief blurb about it and regular weekly progress reports will be posted on the web. I'm not sure I can post up chapters, due to copyright issues, but I may post up the odd edited excerpt for comments, criticism and a careful scrutiny...but I'm not promising. What I have promised to myself, is that I owe it to myself to invest the time in polishing and finishing these pieces. And the other pressing issue is that NaNoWriMo month is not far away and I have another story prickling at the tips of my fingers and so I need a plan... or as I've often been heard to say - JFDI!
So please visit my new website 'Louise Charles - Writer in Progress and the blog 'Writer in Progress' and keep me company on my quest.

Don't forget the Writers Abroad is seeking fictional short stories for an anthology of Expat Life. These stories can be drawn from real experience and written into story format of up to 2,500 words. Check out the guidelines on the website....

Have a good weekend...

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