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1 September 2011


It's the first of a new month and that's when I start to make myself all kinds of promises. But before I can fulfill the actions that just spilled out into my journal I need to do a bit of housekeeping first. 
I don't know about you but my desk looks like a war zone. It's got glasses of days old water, a cold cup of tea,  pens, pencils and highlighters of all colours, paper some clipped together, dictionaries, books on writing, books for analysis, a calculators, writing magazines, part edited novels, stapler and a box of tissues. 
Phew, I'm sure I've missed loads - oh yes a large bankers lamp which is great in the winter but takes up a lot of room right now... 
So can I find anything? No, I can't.
Do I have a filing cabinet? Yes I do, last opened... some months ago.
Could I arrange thing so I don't spend the whole day cursing that I'm sure I left it right.... there. Perhaps. 
First job on the Action List - Get Organised.
Second job - Start as You Mean to Go On (which I've failed on already as I made a list for today and done just about everything else but what was on the list!)

So tell me, what is your writing desk like?

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Sarah Pearson said...

My 'desk' is tiny as it has to fit into a little corner. I only have about 12 square inches of workspace which I manage to fill with paper, notebooks, pens and the like. Today there is also a moth that is refusing to leave but won't let me catch him :-)

Anonymous said...

I share a desk with my husband - a partners' desk, where you can sit on either side. His side is always a tip; mine is tidy. But that still doesn't help me to get things done. I spend far too much time on the Internet. I have decided that one day a week is 'no computer day' so I don't even switch it on. I'm hoping this will help.