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28 May 2010


But It's Great to Be Back
Yes, apologies for my brief absence. Very special friends finally made it over to see us following a false start due to the Ash Cloud. Needless to say my laughter muscles and my liver needs a rest, but it has been a fab week. And our conversations and catch ups have given me plenty of writing fodder for the development of stories, so all I will say to my now absent friends is watch out when a writer is about! Have you ever played a  game called Cranium? It is great entertainment, especially after a glass of wine or two, and tends to bring out the performer in everyone and by the morning after they have usually forgotten. So if you do have the opportunity,  remember to take notepad and pen to jot down some of the happenings and you'll find that you have some wonderful character sketches to develop. 
And finally our fourth grandchild made her appearance today, a little late but very welcome, well done to Charley, Rich and Ivy and welcome to the world, Sukie Ella! 

Not had chance to do a book review this week, but check out my latest Suite 101 submission on tasty Italian Soups for Spring and Summer. 

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