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8 June 2010


Storms and Sojourns

A big summer storm wiped out our internet broadband connection (and the surrounding village) last week. So I was back to crusty old dial up. Well I gave in after a few attempts as it was just so slow and I mean, very slow. But it has had its benefits, this enforced spell without the internet. It has meant that I’ve had a little more time (well, okay, a lot) to get some actual writing done. It really struck me how distracting the internet can be and I thought I was fairly good at having my ‘online’ time but now I realise I wasn’t really. If I was stuck on a storyline, or there was something I subconsciously had put in the ‘too difficult’ pile then I would tell myself it is time to do some research on net. Quite a reasonable suggestion given the fact I don’t have access to a library here. However, when an hour or two has passed and my Man Friday knocks on the door with a cup of tea, or even later with a large G&T, I realise that I hadn’t done a spot of writing. Not one paragraph, or teeny-weeny little sentence, not a word, not even a thought. And the research? Well I often can’t recall what it was I had started to research in the first place. So when I next have a day like that, I think I may well just switch the router off and pretend that I can’t connect with the ether, and get on with some writing.

Which reminds me, this morning I started a new journal. Most mornings I try and spend at least 20 minutes free writing in a large A4 hard backed, lined journal. Using a favourite fountain pen, I prop myself up in bed and use a prompt, a first line, a proverb, an image or even a dream or an eavesdropping to start to write. I usually pen about four pages, which for me is about 500 words and I often use some of the entries to develop short stories, or create a character so it’s a very beneficial part of my writing day. There is nothing like opening that new journal and seeing the ink fill the page for the very first time, I love it and with over 10 full journals, I guess I have done for some time.

Before the enforced blackout from the internet, I did manage to upload a new submission to Suite 101 on the Festa Della Repubblica – Republic Day in Italy, which is a national holiday, held on 2nd June. I also blogged a non-fiction book review on ‘Discovering the Writer Within’ on Louise Charles - follow the link on the right hand side of the page.

Happy Writing.

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