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2 November 2010


Is The Place to Be
Sorry all of you who do read this blog on a regular basis but I have been around, just lost my way a little bit. So apologies are in order.
Yesterday was the start of NaNoWriMo and there is a small group of us on Writers Abroad who have got the 'fever'. On the first day between the five of us we managed to pen ten thousand words (yes, 10,000 - that's an awful lot of zeros!) You can check out my  progress at my blog, Louise Charles.

One of my main projects at the moment is finalising our Anthology in support of National Short Story Week later this month. We had 66 stories from all corners of the world and have chosen 29 to appear in the final production. We have a total word count of just over 45,000 words and we have 29 super stories by authors at all stages of their writing life. It's been a learning curve to say the least and those that were chosen by our selection groups were for the following reasons;

  1. Attention paid to the guidelines for submission, most importantly that they were short stories of fiction
  2. A tale well told over a short period of time
  3. Stories which made us laugh, cry or other but grabbed our reading attention
My thanks must go to Writers Abroad members who have been unfaltering in their support of this project and particularly the three who help with the overall management of the project. You know who you are! But it is not over yet. I have to produce the Ebook which will be available free to download from various sites. Also there are many of us who just long to hold the printed proper thing in our hands so I'm going to have ago at publishing it through Lulu. Which is a first for me and for that I owe a lot of thanks to a certain WA member who currently lives in Wales.

Finally, Writers Abroad in its on line form, is one year old this week, so its bubbly and cake all round. Happy Birthday Writers Abroad and thanks and good wishes for another year of writing success to all our members.

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