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8 March 2011

International Womens Day

Our Mimosa (before the rain and the snow :)
Today is International Womens Day, 8th March. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, women were suppressed and treated unequally as compared to their male counterparts. This caused instability and fuelled the desires and debates amongst women who wanted and fought for change. Today, the celebration has less of a political message, with men in many countries using it as an opportunity to express their love for their women. However, the origins of the day remain and it is still used to raise awareness about the struggles of women throughout the world. I've written an article about here on Suite 101 about its celebration here in Italy.

For me it has another importance, two of my granddaughters were born on this day to two different families. What are the chances of that happening? I hope that they contribute something to the equality of women and that they don't suffer the struggles of many that instigated the celebration of such a day. Of course without struggles like this I suppose things would never change. And of course such a rich source of writing to be had.

Oh, and I'm not a feminist as such, far from it. I believe in the equality of all for their individual talents and expertise, we all have something to offer. So International Mens Day is in November. Watch out for it...

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