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16 April 2010


There is No Such Thing as A Free Lunch
Unfortunately for us poor, impoverished writers. Ning, the social networking site and home of Writers Abroad, is apparently pulling the plug on its 'free' option and concentrating on 'premium services'. I'm gutted having spent a large amount of my life trying to get the site looking half way professional and easy to use. But it's Friday and it's not 5 o'clock but seven here in Italy so I'm off for a large G&T or two! I'll get over it and pick my self up, like all kinds of bad news on the writing front you can't stay down for long. 'Onwards and Upwards!' as one of my fellow Writers Abroad said.

Anyway check out my latest book review on The Angel's Game by Carlos Ruis Zafon on Louise Charles and my latest recipe on Suite 101 - Marinated Lamb with Fig Salsa - another Italian delight.

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