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23 April 2010


Can Sometimes be a Steep One!

As you know, I am looking for a new home for Writers Abroad. Which is a bit of a shame as I was just getting my way around the first one, adding gadgets, learning HTML (it's the code that lets you do all the formatting bit like bullet points, bold, font styles and wasn't always automatic on the site) and all sorts of techie stuff I never thought I could do. I suppose it is all linked to writing in a vague sort of way and now this week I've been researching some of the alternatives we might reconsider for our relocation. 
Some are very similar to what we have now and have been quick to jump aboard the 'offer a Ning alternative' wagon with migration packages to ease the pain. Others are very different all together with a whole load of tricks, tasters and teasers to entice someone looking for a new community. I have learnt a whole load of computer-related technical terms (most of which I can't remember) and have eye strain from peering at the small print about the charges for all those little 'extra's. My main aim is to keep it simple.

So my learning ability has been tested to its very extremes in terms of the technical age we writers operate within. Don't get me wrong, its the technology which has enabled our group of writers to connect and share  from places all over the world; you don't get that opportunity in your traditional writing group! And I have always claimed that I like to step out of my comfort zone once in a while. A (small) part of me is actually quite enjoying it if were to be honest, it's a challenge, a problem to be overcome and overcome it we shall, but I can't wait to sit down with my pad and pen and just scribble. B

I have been doing some writing so check out my latest book review on Suite Francaise by Irene Nemiroskvy and my latest edition to Suite 101 on the Italian Liberation Day which takes place on Sunday. A day off in remembrance of all those in Italian Resistance Movement, whose heroics in such difficult times puts everything into perspective.

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