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9 February 2009


Current Work: Editorial (non-fiction),

Listening to: The ticking of a clock and the hum of my PC

Reading: Cast in Order of Appearance (Simon Brett)

First Thought for the Day:

Whatever a man prays for, he prays for a miracle. Every prayer reduces itself to this: Great God, grant that twice two be not four. -Ivan Turgenev, novelist and playwright (1818-1883)

A Weekend Off

Well, following my Friday frustration, I found out over the weekend that my website publishing problems were not mine! My host had entered some details incorrectly, hence the problems (despite a couple of patronising emails telling me to consult this guide and that information, something that I had already done before contacting them). So now (well once I’ve tidied it all up) it is all up and running. I shall post the URL (see, I’m good at the techno speak) later this week when I’m sure every thing is OK.

Book Worm

Finished the Nancy Mitford novel, my first. It took a bit of getting used to, as the font is very small and squashed. I suppose it adds to the authenticity, but when your eyesight is beginning to struggle (and I’m only in my mid – OK by next week, late, forties. I blame all those nights under the bedclothes with a torch in my childhood, trying to read my Famous Five books) the font and style of text is extremely important. The novel also was mainly descriptive with very little dialogue. What dialogue there is though, is very well structured and does move the plot forward. It was a very eccentric look at life of that time. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Now onto something different. I first heard a series of ‘Charles Paris’ on Radio 4 a few weeks back. Bill Nighy played the character and now he is in my head which is great.

Goggle Box

As you know we live in Italy. The Italian TV is dreadful and we although we have never been big TV watchers we have missed the drama series and a couple of favourite shows. We’ve been listeining to more TV but particularly in the winter sometimes its nice to snuggle down and watch a bit of tat. Anyway I have signed up for a trial internet service which gives us access to UK TV through our broadband connection. Watched the rugby yesterday – fantastic – I’m sure it will serve some purpose for my writing, if only to provide a bit of distraction.

And Finally, the Last Word of the Day:





noun: 1. A vault with niches for storing urns. 2. A dovecote or pigeon house.


From Latin columbarium, from columba (pigeon, dove).


"The group's [Americans United for Separation of Church and State] director, Rev. Barry Lynn, says the Berkeley proposal should be 'promptly laid to rest,' by allowing places for unbelievers' ashes, either in columbarium or privately held -- like ashes in a box on your mantle.' Otherwise, it's ashes to ashes, dust to dust -- but not to Berkeley."

Unbelievers' Ashes May Be Unwelcome in Berkeley; USA Today; Jan 29, 2009.

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