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27 February 2009

Current Work: None, I'm having a little time off...
Listening to: The sound of the washing machine filling with water
Reading: The Shadow of the Wind (by a Spanish Writer)

First Thought of the Day:
Only the madman is absolutely sure. -Robert Anton Wilson, novelist (1932-2007)

Just A Quickie
I've been away this week, hence there are no posts. I should have posted something on Monday, but time, as always, ran out. Can time ever run out? Anyway have taken some time out to pamper and re-energise and all those things you need to do from time to time. Not that my writing persona ever switches off, it just goes on hibernate for a while. Being in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, Florence, I couldn't turn off the words, even if I wanted to. There is so much to write about. But anyway am now back at the desk and having a little catch up but will be on all cylinders firing, next week (which will also be next month...can't believe where the time runs to...)

And Finally the Last Word of the Day:



adjective: Having the same age or duration.
noun: A contemporary.

From Latin coaevus, from co- (in common) + aevum (age), from Greek aion (age). Ultimately from the Indo-European root aiw-/ayu- (vital force, life, eternity) that is also the source of ever, never, aye, nay, eon, eternal, medieval, primeval, utopia, Sanskrit Ayurveda.

"Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born in the same year, on the same day: Feb 12, 1809. ... Instinctively, we want to say that they belong together. It's not just because they were both great men, and not because they happen to be exact coevals. Rather, it's because the scientist and the politician each touched off a revolution that changed the world."
Malcolm Jones; Who Was More Important: Lincoln or Darwin?; Newsweek (New York); Jul 7, 2008.

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