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11 December 2009


Don't Think Just Write

'Til the Fat Lady Sings...
So the saying goes. I'm coming to the denouement of my novel and I have a sense of not wanting to get to those two little words, 'The End'. But I know I have to - otherwise it will just be padding, it won't add anything to the story and I suppose, if one wanted to, you could go on and on and on... but I hate that in a book. When I feel satisfied with the read, but there are two more chapters to go and they don't do anything. So by the end of the afternoon, I will have said goodbye to those characters with whom I've spent 36 days - in my head, in my dreams, in most of my waking thoughts. I shall put them to bed, tuck them up and forget about them. Until January, when I need to wake them up and edit them. Eeeks!

Three Cheers for - The Ups (and Downs) of an Apprentice Writers life
I still feel like that you know, an apprentice writer. I think I've progressed from beginner but I have a feeling that I shall always be an apprentice. Always something new to learn, or try out, that's what makes writing so exciting. For me anyway.

  • NaNoFiMo continued. Current word count stands at 74,000.
  • The last two articles in my Characterisation and the Zodiac have been uploaded to Suite 101. The two signs (which happen to be my sons and mine respectively) are Scorpio and Pisces.
  • Launched the Writers Abroad Ning site to our members. Its looking good and I hope to share it with you in the New Year.
  • Blogged three times
  • Revised short story critiqued by my pals in Writers Abroad and will be submitting to Peoples Friend
  • Continued with other non-fiction projects including a piece for the Oldie, HR Handbook proposal, looked Constant Content for selling articles and whipped up some submissions for the journal I edit, Leadership in Health Services.
All in all not a bad week...

Happy Writing

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