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9 December 2009


Don't Think Just Write

Publisher or Agent?
As you know I've been touting my first novel out in the scary world of publication. I have submitted it to one publisher and eleven agents, I've had nine rejections and one outstanding. All the rejections have been personally addressed, two of them have indicated the current financial market as a reason for rejection, others that it doesn't fit their current requirements. At least I'm eliciting some kind of response. I get a bit niggled when I've spent time researching their websites and its indicated that they are open to submissions and do represent my genre, but what else can you do?
Anyway, I went with agents mainly in the first instance because a friend of mine (a published author) felt it would be easier if I was represented. However, there are other writers who recommend going to a publisher first. So what would you do and why?

Book Review
Is delayed... I'm almost at the end, but not quite. Patience is a virtue...

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