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2 March 2009


Current Work: Monthly Review and Forward Planning
Listening to: My Man Friday lighting the fire
Reading: The Shadow of the Wind

First Thought of The Day: I've decided to change this to once a week. I've got bored of it so I'm sure you have. I'll probably do it on a Friday, but then again I may not!

A New Start
I love the beginning of a new month. Why? Well because I can see everything I've achieved and not feel too bad about whats left over because I move the 'not achieved' into the next month. Sounds a bit like cheating I hear you mutter. Well, I do get a bit concerned if things go on running over for months on end, but I usually write my carried forwards in red pen to embarrass myself.
This month is dedicated to the completion of my first edit of my novel. I've not been giving it the time it deserves and I read about a guy (his obituary actually, only 43) but he couldn't use his hands or leg, he typed with a skull cap and stick and managed to bash out a novel in his twenties. Made me feel very ashamed and humble. So I am determined to stop grumbling and be grateful of my fully functioning body and get on with it!

Book Worm
I can't find my image to upload so instead of wasting time will just get on with the writing. Finished
Nineteen Minutes by Judi Picoult last week, mostly on trains going up to Florence. It was a divine read, full of action and characters who you could see and picture and feel like. Its about bullying and some of the extreme things that can happen. Quite scary but utterly believable. My Man Friday is now devouring it as we speak.

On the Goggle Box
Well, the Rugby (Six Nations) held centre stage - for Man Friday anyway). And I'm just loving the dancing programme for Comic Relief. Why do we love laughing at people and particularly celebrities making a fool out of themselves? All in a good cause. On Italian TV last night a drama about Pucinni started, all in Italian of course but we try to watch a bit.

And the Last Word of the Day:
See my note about First thought of the day.....

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