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19 May 2009


Current Work: Drafting short story, final finishing touches to manuscript for submission

Listening to:
The bird life in my garden, currently a Hoopoo and a Golden Oriele
Wideacre by Phillipa Gregory

Weather and Things

There are a lot of things which affect my life as a writer. I suppose that goes for most people whatever their passion might be. I was communicating with colleague in Canada who told me it was minus 5 there and snow on the cards. Here it is rising 25 (in the shade) with a clear Wedgwood blue sky. The heat knocks me down for while until my body gets use to it. The worst thing is the lack of sleep, so that makes me grumpy as well. Not a good state for a writer. But this is just the beginning so I better get used to it! Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining. The good weather I think also brings about a different creative side of me, which is happier and lighter which has got to be good. Hasn't it?

The Riddler

This week it has to be this editing thing that's bugging me right now. My other half has now finished proofing my first novel and I now need to polish it up and package it up and whizz it off. It just feels strange and I keep putting it off. I'm not sure why or even if this is a common state of affairs with your first novel. Somehow it's quite scary, it's not the rejection I fear for I'm kind of thinking that's a given. It's the thought of someone reading it, someone I don't know - but then I won't know what they think, will I?

The Bookworm
Well, I started Revolutionary Road last week and have shelved it after four days of perseverance. Maybe its just not the read for me at present, but it didn't capture my imagination at all. In fact I took a great dislike to the two key characters - Frank and April - and gave up. I'm now reading Wideacre and prospects are looking good for this one.

A Final Word.
Our elderly neighbour passed away at the weekend. She's not been well for some time and was at least in her late eighties but all the same - it's a different place. She provided much sage advice, inspiration and encouragement and shall never be forgotten. Arreverdici Bruna

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