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22 May 2009


Current Work: Short Story competition (see entry), admin and queries
Listening to: A bee, buzzing around my head
Reading: Wideacre by Phillipa Gregory

Deadlines Looming:
Well, I've just spent a large amount of time this week, preparing a 2,500 word short story for submission. Having downloaded the rules and entry form I have just literally written the final word. Now as you should by now, know I like to live close to the edge. In terms of deadlines that is, anything else is a little too much. So I always without fail, leave it to the very last minute before completing pieces for competitions. I'm a little more focused with paid work as I that I see differently. I haven't won the competition yet, so I play with it a little more, let it 'cook' a little longer and therefore end up rushing it through at the last gong. Probably explains why I've not yet been successful. Well this one I thought I had in the bag. I had it in my head that it was an email entry, which is great for me, as it lengthens the deadline even more. So even though the rules stated the deadline as Friday 22nd May, I could quite easily have until at least 11.59 pm tonight. So I'm a little early! Nope, just re-read the rules. I have to post the entry with entry form to reach there by today. So, not a very successful day. Ho Hum.

Three Cheers for...

I have to finish Fridays off with some positives and this is no different despite my faux pas shared above. So what has gone well this week? In my defence, the weather has been incredibly warm this week, liquefying my brain and drying up my ink.
  • Suite 101 article submitted on Elizabeth Fry, quite a remarkable woman
  • Continued final proofing of manuscript for submission, on target for end of May
  • Communication with Writing Group continues about the arrangements for our first virtual meeting
  • Some positive replies to queries but no firm takers
  • Short Story written and edited 2,500 words
  • Three queries for submission

Less is sometimes more?

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