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15 May 2009


Current Work: Queries, Admin and Research
Listening to: A Classic FM CD - very pleasant too!
Reading: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates (hard going)

Writers Block
I don't tend to go with the Writers Block theory. I think that sometimes we don't know what to say but believe we can always write soemthing even if it's just a load of drivel. A little like this blog I suppose. I have sat here at my laptop with my fingers poised for action and nothing to say. So I thought that I would write that I have nothing to say but of course I have, I've just written, wait a minute...107 words since I started to type. So whilst I believe that sometimes I struggle to find the right words, there are always some words to write. If you know what I mean. Anyway, I try to just write myself out of the block which doesn't always produce the words or end product I had in mind, but at least I'm writing.

Three Cheers For...

It's been a tough week for my editing contract this week as we were short of an article. However with a concerted team effort, which included an author, we managed to ensure we had enough copy. But it has taken priority. As it should, I get paid for it.

  • Writing Group introductions have all been made and we're all feeling very positive about it.
  • Suite 101 article submitted Soldiers without Guns about the non-combatant role of women in the Secoond World War. Approximately 500 words.
  • Copy submitted to Diabetes Health about Diabetes and Travelling Abroad approximately 1500 words - another paid piece!
  • Copy submitted for approval to Dogs Monthly, approximately 1500 words
  • Query accepted for Writing Forum on the lessons learnt as a First Time Novelist!!
  • Short Story outline completed for competition deadline 22nd May (yes I know I like living near the edge)
  • Four queries prepared for submission by email
It's a really good feeling writing down what I've achieved over the week. I never feel as though I've done enough but when I look at the list, well I'm impressed. And thats not everything I do, research, emails, administration and looking after My Man Friday (yep, he needs looking after) and the 'estate'! Phew, makes me feel quite tired - think I'll go and lie down.

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