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8 May 2009


Current Work: Non-Fiction, Editing and Admin
Listening to: The frightening buzz of a large hornet
Reading: The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

Distractions are good for the mind...
I don't know about you but I feel guilty if I haven't sat myself down at the PC or for me preferably, with a pen and notebook, at least at some part during the day. But sometimes I think its a good thing to let things mulch and simmer away whilst you go and do something totally different. For me this week, its been painting. No, not Van Gough style, just kitchen wall style. It's spring and things are looking a little drab so we decided to cheer things up a little. So I've written what I absolutley had to and then let my mind wander aimlessly as I stare at a brightening wall. Its been a good exercise; I've sorted through lots of conundrums with characters and plot and had loads of ideas. I just hope I can remember them!

Three Cheers for...

Well as you can see these won't be high on the quantity stakes but perhaps more so on quality. I know, who am I kidding!

  • Non fiction article on Diabetes has been drafted and will be finalised today
  • One scene completed on WIP 'The Good Life' - about 1700 words
  • Outline and planning for short story preparation - about 1000 words
  • Suite 101 article submitted on 'Making a Writing Plan' - about 600 words
  • Key contacts made for the journal I edit for future submissions
  • 3 Queries drafted for submission
  • Payment and copy received for piece on 'Puppy Love'

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