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1 May 2009


Current Work: Queries, Planning for May
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A Change of Heart by Jodi Picoult

Aim High
Well as you know, I've finished the first edit of the novel. Now I'm into checking facts, continuity and even thinking about the blurb and the artwork for the cover! Now that's what I call bare faced cheek, when it hasn't even been taken on, but if don't believe in it who will?

Who do you write for?
Going through this novel writing thing has taught me many things. Not only about the process, things I would do differently next time and generally making next time (and yes there will be a next time) easier. But it has also taught me a lot about myself. Me as a person and Me as a writer. I've discovered that actually I have quite a passion for the 'historical', though those who know me well, may be saying 'hysterical'. So this a genre I'm going to focus on. I also enjoy the researching, planning part as well as finding the ideas, so I'm not the 'plant' someone told me I was all those years ago. It's strange how once we are labelled by someone or something we tend to believe it, whatever changes. I know I have changed enormously in the last ten years. I used to write because I felt I had to, because it was expected. Now I write for myself first, then because I have to. And it feels good.

Three Cheers

Submissions and Commissions
  • Check out the latest Suite 101 article on 'Novel Editing' (what a surprise!!)
  • Commission to provide a piece on diabetes and travel for an American Magazine
  • Possible commission to produce copy on living with a dog with a terminal illness
  • Six queries posted (double this week to make up for last)

No of Words Written

  • 2000 words for the Good Life (Working title)
  • Continued outline for the next novel, no of words unsure
  • Outline for non fiction piece, around 1500 words
  • Daily Journal completed - roughly 1000 words
  • Short Story outline - 2000 words

And now I have to go and review April and plan for May. Will let you know on Tuesday the outcome!

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