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12 January 2009


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Reading: Rosalin Franklin, The Interpretation of Murder, and the UK

papers sent in a ‘red cross’ parcel from my father!

Thought for the Day
Memories are interpreted like dreams. -Leo Longanesi, journalist and editor (1905-1957)

Monday Mumblings
Got lots of plans for my writing this week just hope I’m going to be able to fit it all in! I have my writing plan now proudly printed and on file so I can look at what I’ve promised every day… sometimes it can be motivating, sometimes a bit threatening, but as Alice in Wonderland once said ‘If you don’t know where you’re going, how do you know when you get there?’ Well, actually, I think it was the Cheshire Cat who said it, but all the same, its true isn’t it.

On Saturday I was busy trying to finish off a short story before I went to the post office in our nearest village. One of the disadvantages of living abroad and entering competitions by post is that it shortens the time you have to submit. Which gets even shorter still if the publication you submit to also arrives much later than its publication date. I keep telling myself that time pressure is good and should make me more organised but on Saturday I wouldn’t have thanked you to remind me. I must get next months sorted well before otherwise my poor Man Friday will have another flea in his ear!

Memories and Mugshots
The provision of a professional looking photo with a piece (as long as it is relevant) is becoming much sought after. I am learning to take my camera with me every time I go out. Usually however, the only time I forget to, you can bet it’s the time that the perfect setting or scene presents itself. The other morning out with the dog at some unearthly hour was so beautiful, I can hardly describe it… a kind of purply, pink almost bruised sky with the outline of the next village in the distance.

My son also bought us one of the best Christmas presents I’ve ever received. I had said that we didn’t want presents, to donate the money somewhere, but he’s never listened to me! Anyway it was a digital photo frame, where you can put a photo card in with all your favourite piccies and set it to slide show. It’s like a moving photo board but with regular updates. And it means we can have our favourite subjects constantly in our view, five sons, two granddaughters and a divine collection of dogs throughout the years. I’d recommend it.

And Finally the Last Word of the Day:


(NOO-muh, NYOO-)

noun: Spirit, soul.

From Greek pneuma (breath, wind, spirit). Ultimately from the Indo-European root pneu- (to breathe) that is also the source of pneumatic, pneumonia,

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