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30 January 2009


Current Work: Queries, Fiction –drafts, Card making

Listening to: Jack Johnson CD

Reading: Final Demand - Deborah Moggach; The Writing Magazine and Writers News

First Thought for the Day:

No matter that we may mount on stilts, we still must walk on our own legs. And on the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom. -Michel de Montaigne, essayist (1533-1592)

Things Can Only Get Better

Reminds me of a song and less so, a political campaign at some time. Anyway, I wrote earlier this week about the lack of progress… well it only got worse as I succumbed to a 24 hour bug thing. I’d just been bragging to my friend in the UK, who has been such a poorly girl, that we hadn’t suffered any colds or whatnot and suggested it was our cold weather and draughty old ‘casa’. I think she must have emailed some bugs over because yesterday I felt like my head was full of sand. Still I managed to get some editing done in the afternoon which was heartening. But that was about it.

A New Month, A New Start

February starts on Sunday. I can’t believe it. It’s my Man Fridays birthday tomorrow and we can’t buy birthday cards here, its not the done thing. So we make all of our own. Its quite fun and its loosely related to writing, well I think it is anyway. You have to write and whilst I draw the line at making up rhymes (you may well know that I cannot write poetry) I can always find something on the good ol’ internet.

Work in Progress

Well, as it’s the start of the new month I will be reviewing this past month and planning the next. Managed to get three queries off today, so fingers (and anything else) crossed that something will come to fruition. I’m a bit behind with the novel edit and so will concentrate on that next week. I’ve started the first draft of my next ‘flit lit’ novel which is being written with my Man Friday. However he hasn’t stuck to his side of the deal so…

And of course the Website Design, I’m sure its sooooo easy but some things just go straight over my head.

But first things first, its a birthday weekend, so celebrations are the order of the day.

And Finally, the Last Word of the Day:

ex parte


(eks PAHR-tee)


adverb: Involving one side only.


From Latin ex parte (from a side).


"A notice was served to the company but as no official turned up on its behalf, it was proceeded ex parte."

Telephone Company Told to Pay Damages; The Times of India (New Delhi); Jan 13, 2009.

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