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19 January 2009


Current Work: Editorials and Wireless Connections

Listening to: A ticking clock and the whirring of the PC

Reading: Fleshmarket Close (Ian Rankin)

First Thought for the Day:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. -Martin Luther King, Jr., civil-rights leader (1929-1968)

New Beginnings

This week, the words and thoughts for the day reflect that tomorrow, a new President of the United States will be sworn in. Now those of you, who know me well, will know that I’m not a political person (though I do love a good debate, particularly with my father). But reading about Obama Barack, the good and the bad, my instinct tells me he will be different. And he’s a writer to boot! Not that I have any leanings to an alternative career. Whatever I think, lets just hope that he has enough about him to sweep clean but hold onto the baby (and recycle the dishwater).

Tools of the Trade

As you know, we didn’t get broadband here until the beginning of December 08 (by which time I’d been winding up the power for a measly 38mbps or what ever the terminology is!). Well, now we have it and its wonderful, not only does surfing and researching on the web feel like a dream but I can also send and receive images easily. So an important tool albeit I made do when I had no choice. So I have really stuck the boat out and now we are going wireless (there are two of us who write here, my Man Friday and I) so that our PC and laptop will speak to one another (metaphorically speaking) and we can both be on the internet at the same time and receive telephone calls if necessary. I know this probably seems like Stone Age stuff to many but for us it’s progress.

And Finally, the Last Word of the Day:





verb intr.: To be united; to work or hold together.


From Latin cohaerere, from co- (together) + haerere (to stick).


"I learned to slip back and forth between my black and white worlds, understanding that each possessed its own language and customs and structures of meaning, convinced that with a bit of translation on my part the two worlds would eventually cohere."

Barack Obama; Dreams From My Father; Times Books; 1995.

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