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16 April 2009


Current Work: Editing
Listening to: The dog gulping water from his bowl
Reading: The Book Thief by Mark Zusak

Staying Positive
Keeping an optimistic view is hard as a writer, mainly I suppose, because we do work in isolation. As someone who also lives in another country, this is sometimes compounded. So 'off days' can be a little overwhelming. I'm having one of those today. And I'm not for one moment suggesting that this only happens to writers. It happens to everybody. But when you spend most of your time doing the things you love doing and are able to do it pretty much when you like, surrounded by beautiful views (and I'm not just talking of My Man Friday here!) then you do feel a little guilty. But sometimes, to continue the thread from the last blog, earning a living from writing is a tough act and this week if feels tougher than ever. However, then I think of the poor victims of the earthquake only over the mountains from me and I thank my lucky stars, pick myself up and get back on track. Always, there is always someone with more worries, somewhere.

Three Cheers for:
  • One article to Suite 101 on Samuel Johnson. Did you know that he had symptoms of Tourettes Syndrome?
  • Planning to submit six queries tomorrow as I missed last weeks allocation
Words written:
  • About 4,000 on the joint flit lit WIP (work in progress) known as 'The Good Life'
  • Edited around 8 scenes, approximately 12,000 words of WIP 'The Flying Angels'
  • Research and produced outline for second novel, working title - 'The Promise
And I've worked on my 'paid' job with a publishing house, so all in all, not that bad.
When I'm brave enough I might add a section for 'Brass earnt'!

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