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24 April 2009


Current Work: Editing, more editing and even more editing
Listening to: Nothing, I find it too distracting at the moment
Reading: The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson

Can't stop long...
Sorry this is only going to be a short entry. I am nearing the end of the editing process and I'm determined to get it done. I've found it quite a distraction for other work as I can't think straight about anything else! I wonder how other people do it and whether it gets any easier with practice. It made me realise, just how much I didn't know before I started this novel writing thing! I know that I underestimated the time it took. Anyway I hope to print of the second proof for my other half to read whilst I check some facts that need confirming. Then the final typo proof and off it goes. Will it all be worth it I ask myself? Well if not financially, it has certainly taught me a lot about the writing process.

Three Cheers for!

Submissions and Commissions
  • Suite 101 submission on Samuel Morse who not only invented the telegraph and code but was a gifted painter. Check it out.
  • Query accepted for a health style magazine about Diabetes, now have to deliver the piece!
No of Words Written
  • 68,ooo words edited so far, only about ten thousand more to go!
  • Outline of short story of competition entry for May, about 500
And I said this was going to be a short entry?

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