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14 April 2009


Current Work: Editing, outlining, amending - mega catch up!
Listening to: A Ticking Clock
Reading: The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak

Time Out
Yes, I've had a bit of time out, so haven't posted here for a whole week. Feeling a bit ashamed of myself as I had thought I might at least get one entry in but it just didn't happen. But sometimes it's good to be away from the routine for a bit. Free's up the mind and hey, even writers are allowed some time off. But the trouble is I hate the catching up. It stresses me out and I set myself these mountainous targets as some kind of penance. My Man Friday says that I must have Catholic gremlins on my shoulder! I hope that doesn't offend anyone, it's not meant to.
Anyway, in preparation, I did submit two Suite 101 articles the week previous, one on Hans Christian Anderson which I posted last time and another on the Royal Signal Corps. So I'm saved!

Novel Update
Well, I've completed proofing the first draft, so now onto the second and hopefully off to an agent or publisher in the next four weeks. Thats the plan anyhow, but you know what happens to my plans. The main problem I have is managing the thing on the PC. I'm using the outline function at the moment which seems OK but a little... wieldy. I've heen looking at some software as but have not had the nerve to financially commit myself (especially as finances are as tight as they can be right now with the euro yo-yoing around) but am seriously considering spending few of my PayPal quids (earnt from Suite 101 money) on something. I've just got to take a chance.

Freelance Writing
I think most people who, when I tell them I'm a writer, have a particular image in their head of what it must be like. Sitting at home, surrounded by cups of tea, paper, books and looking aimlessly around for inspiration... and they'd be right! But seriously it is hard work - and often operates on the 80:20 rule - eighty percent of effort results in a 20 percent return, with the odds probably lower for such an amateur writer like myself. I have a sister, who has more than dabbled in an acting career and it's a bit like that - going for audition after audition until someone likes the look of you then wham!

Anyway, I must get back to my list of 'things to do' or my red pen will not be happily making lots of ticks later on. Such a satisfying action, ticking things off on a list. I know, I know...I need to get a life, but this one ain't so bad.

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