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1 April 2009


Current Work: Non-fiction, planning and yes, still editing...
Listening to: Lionel Ritchie, ooh it takes me back...
Reading: Tripwire A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

Getting Noticed
Well, you could market yourself with a few silly pranks, but probably not the best way to impress a potential client. I had an email yesterday from a rather large copy writing company asking if I would be interested in doing a small assignment for them. Would I? Well yes, I would and I have replied in the positive. But I also asked how they came across my details, I'm just one of thousands and thousands. The brief is specific, because it relates to a) Italy, where I live b) Diabetes, from which my Man Friday suffers and so those are two reasons to answer the question why me? But also they got my name from a colleague who'd written with a request I couldn't help with and they passed my details on. They originally found me through a 'random Google search'. Scary or just the way of the modern world? Its not about a physical presence anymore, its a virtual one and you could be anyone you wanted. However, the thing is I'm not technical enough to increase my chances of being found on Google, although I know it can be done.

Review of Last Month
So we are at the start of a new month. I love it. just picture me rubbing my hands together, with a blank page in front of me entitled 'PLANS FOR APRIL', with my favourite fountain pen and a big smile on my face. It's soon filled with ideas, thoughts, actions and deadlines and then I look back over the last four weeks. Whoops, missed that one, never mind carry it forward... oops! another and another and you get the picture now. A page full of 'carry forwards' and 'must do's' in red ink! I've promised myself I'll get the red actions done first and then get on with the new plans but unfortunately as ever, I've been distracted!

Oh and I've just added my contribution to Suite 101, about The Royal Signal Corps, which was prompted by a photograph in the paper (an english one sent by my wonderful Pa in the UK).

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