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17 July 2009


Current Work: Queries, drafting and Writing Group Exercise
Listening to: The sounds of the printer - I've been busy!
Reading: The Scenes Behind the Museum by Kate Atkinson

Exercising your writing hand

As you know, I've recently set up an online writers group. We're a small crowd at the moment - four in total - but it seems to be working well. Part of the aim of the group is to complete exercises and submit them for feedback. We do this with short stories also which is so very helpful when you know that there is something missing, but not sure what. Anyway the reason for my babbling is that part of this helps you as a writer, to step out of your comfort zone, the world of what we know and what we're comfortable with and enter new horizons. It can be a little unnerving to say the least, but I think that utlimately it has to be a good thing as I might never try some of these things off my own bat. Well, I've reached the deadline for my submission of the latest exercise today and I still don't feel its good enough, but I'm in the same boat as everyone else, so I'll get on with it and forget it until our next meeting which is Monday. But go on, try something new, you might be surprised! I might start posting some of my stuff on here and see how it goes - now how brave is that!! only words at the moment... its the action that counts..

Three Cheers For...

A better week this week
  • Submission to Country Kitchen Magazine on the Health of the Nation. A piece about the role of the Ministry of Food during WWII
  • Query accepted on Grandparenting From a Distance for Overseas Living Magazine

  • Two articles submitted on Suite 101 on the History of Writing and the painter Edgar Degas - also recieved a little payment from them again this month

  • Submission of a short story 'My Little Warrior' to My Weekly Magazine

  • Submission of novel 'All Will Be Well' to two agents, one rejected (in a positive way!) so more agent research on the cards
  • Five queries pitched this afternoon

  • 3000 words completed for 'The Good Life' work in progress

  • Short Story outline for a magazine competition

  • Submission of writing exercise for Writers Abroad (I promise this will be done)

  • Editing of an academic paper written by Swedish authors (not the easiest job)


Post Note, the damn blogger won't let me put in the 'Hooray' graphic so you'll just have to imagine that its there. Grrrr.....

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