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3 July 2009


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Writers Abroad

As you know I've set up a virtual writing group call Writers Abroad. We've had our first 'meet' and have just completed a second critique on short stories and submitted our work on an exercise. What struck me as I read three wonderful short stories and pieces of free writing is how difficult it is to develop constructive, meaningful feedback. It's a skill I think that we have to develop and for that reason, we as a group have agreed to share our feedback with others. It takes time to consider the writings of another writer. A writer, like you who has toiled and sweated over every word on the page. A writer who has nurtured the characters as if they were children, developed the set and plotted and schemed. It's not a task that should be taken lightly and as with most things its a question of balance. The good and the not so good, things that worked and didn't work. All from a 'readers' perspective, for that is what we are when we're critiquing. We are the first audience, a serious and important position and I hope that I am treating my fellow writers fairly.

Three Cheers for...

So after a dodgy end to the month how have I got on? With visitors here and the temperature rising things tend to slow down a bit - but the key is to plod on.

  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101, Alternative Gifts for Grandchildren is based on personal experience of buying things for our grandchildren and the second on P.T. Barnum the famous circus owner.
  • Three queries submitted in plenty of time for seasonal articles
  • Planning for July completed, with hopefully achievable targets on the fiction front
  • Not done much real writing as I've been messing with my manuscript for submission. Its a long story and one I might go into next week.
  • Reviewed and provided feedback on three short stories
  • Submitted advert to Wet Ink an Australian writers magazine, promoting Writers Abroad

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