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31 July 2009


Current Work: Queries, Admin - all I'm fit for in this heat
Listening to: Cold Play
Reading: I can't remember... a thriller and new (to me) author

August Slumbers
What a wonderful term that is and no - unfortunately - not one I came up with. August slumbers is how Italy manages the heat. Most Italians take their holidays during this month and the beaches are packed with parading bronzed bodies of all shapes and sizes. Those poor Italians who work for the tourist business of course are not on holiday, but even so the country almost comes to a stand still. And that's how my pen feels - at stand still. It's so hot here the ink is drying out before I've had chance to write anything down and thats if my mushy brain can think of something coherent to say. What do you mean when has it ever been different?

Anyway I think the Italians have got it right, switch off, keep cool and slumber away....

Three Cheers For...

  • I'm going to repeat it again at the risk of being boastful - my first fiction publication!! My short story A Room of My Own has been accepted for publication by the People's Friend. It's a first for me and I am very, very excited.
  • Not much writing this week, 2000 on The Good Life WIP but it really has been very hot

  • Two submissions to Suite 101, a follow up article on Creating Fictional Characters with MBTI Part One (four more to follow!) and Benito Mussolini - very apt for my part of the woods.

  • Applied for an About.Com guide - but will give details if my application gets through to the next stage.

  • Very outline draft of short story for competition in Writers News, deadline is looming so need to get on with it...

  • Healthcare Editing work - last minute review of paper which took some time

  • Got myself a critique partner from Harlequin!

  • Four queries submitted today and plans for August - that's easy - SLUMBER!

Ciao for Now...

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