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21 July 2009


Current Work: Short Story Editing, Drafting Chapters for WIP
Listening to: A panting, puffing Bertie
Reading: Ice Cold in Alex by Christopher Langdon

Fantasy Writing Day
I dream of days when I can just sit down and write, George Clooney appearing every so often with something cool and refreshing and to rub my tired shoulders. Lunch being served in the shades of the olives and the words tumbling from the nib of my pen like a water fall, creating credible characters and a sizzling plot... Hmmm... never quite seems like that. Though my Man Friday bears a small resemblance - if you squint a bit - so can't complain. But no, today I started about 6am, awake with the birds singing, off into the field with the dog -who sat chewing a bone he found whilst I walked around and around. Who is exercising who exactly? Then watering plants, tending to floppy seedlings who are finding the heat a little too much, emailing, doing whatever I do on the internet which seems to fill a whole morning and now it's time to make lunch - fresh pasta pancakes stuffed with riccotta and spinach with a white wine sauce. The writing? Oh yes, the writing has to come after all that, when I've had my siesta, taken the dog for the afternoon walk... I will get round to it. Honest.

The Book Worm

Behind The Scenes at The Museum By Kate Atkinson

Characters - Ruby Lennox is the narrator and we meet her mum, dad, sisters, aunts, grandmas and whole host of her family from long ago
Setting - Numerous from the second WW to mid 60's and beyond
Plot - Ruby tells the story from her moment of conception in the womb which is a really fascinating start. She recounts the tales of her family and their woes from their home 'Above the Shop' which is first a pet shop. The chapters are interlaced with footnotes which go back in time to her ancestors and explain some of the nuances of her family.
Quick Summary - Its a fascinating tale about Ruby's life right up to when her mother finally dies and how she feels about it. Its quirky, humourous and sad all at the same time. Kate Atkinson wrote When Will There Be Good News which was a fab read. This is one of her earlier ones and though I got a bit confused with all the characters at times, it really is very entertaining.
Recommendation? - Definitely

Confucius Says...
'If my doctor told me I only had 6 minutes to live, I wouldn't brood, I'd type a little faster...'
Isaac Asimov
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