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19 October 2009

Current Work: Just the basics, as visitors take priority
Listening to: Radio Sabasio (Italian station) the dulcet tones of some faceless Italian!

Reading: Well about to start - The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - my dad has just finished it and looks a little vacant!

Itchy fingers
So plans for this week still rather sketchy as I find it difficult to write and entertain. Yes, I know we women can multi-task and I do, but sometimes its just best to concentrate on less. I really would like to get my editing done this week, didn't manage a word last week and only one article on Suite 101 on Learning Contracts, so check it out. Also have set a mini challenge in the spirit of Nanowrimo for our writing group so really need to be doing something.

One thing I did complete was Cold Mountain so will do a review on Wednesday, hopefully.

Thoughts on Writing...

'The profession of book-writing, makes horse racing seem like a stable, sound business.' John Steinbeck

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