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26 October 2009


Current Work: Catch up - Again!!
Listening to: The sound of a dripping tap, I must turn the radion on!
Reading: Drop Shot by Harlan Coben

Writing Routine
We all have some sort of routine for some part of our life. As a writer, I try not to be too pedantic about my routine as I fear if I can't write at any time, I never will again. So I don't say I write best in the morning, or in the bath or need to be surrounded by magic stones (or should that be mushrooms?). I tell myself, 'I can write at any time I want'. That said, I'm sure there are particular times when I write better, but I think that I write 'differently' and therefore bring something new to my writing. What is she waffling on about I hear you cry (well I would if anyone was there!) But as you know, routines sometime have to be put aside for many reasons and that is a good thing too. There is nothing like getting back in the groove, whatever groove that might be. One thing I did achieve last week was a submission to Suite 101 on How To Organise a Novel so take a peep. And now I must dash, my list of 'must do's' is enormous. Ciao for Now....

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