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7 October 2009


It's a small one...(world, that is!)
I'm always amazed how many 'writer's' I actually know. Well, I don't mean particularly well, but one could say - associated with. Since I had a small piece published in Writers News about our writing group Writers Abroad, I have had enquiries from writers living in USA, UK (a New Zealander) and Thailand! So our quest for diversity is certainly being met on a geographical level. We are all women though so we may need to work on that.
Then we were having coffee yesterday with a couple who had one of the kittens and who now lives in such luxury my Man Friday asked if they would adopt us! Anyway, it appears that they have a very good friend who is a published writer and touring Italy at the moment looking for a home. We're everywhere, in some nook or cranny. I think the word is 'serendipity' don't you?

Book Review
A Thousand Apologies, but I haven't yet finished reading Cold Mountain. It's taking a time - I'm not sure why. I watched the film some many years ago when it first came out but I remember so little of the plot. That's not such a bad thing. But I will complete it by next week. Promise.


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