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9 October 2009


Does it Fill you with Dread?
It does for me. But I quite enjoyed it. It was a bit like writing a micro/mini story - I got so carried away with it I almost forgot to make lunch! Lucky my Man Friday was here to remind me. No I'm not having a go, it really was my turn. But back to the synopsis. I know that they are critical to pitching a novel so it's not something we writers can choose to ignore. What I do want to know is - why does it feels so difficult? I have a theory. Well, its a kind of theory. I felt a little like I was writing the story 'out'. I don't know if any of you know what I mean by that? But I was worried that if I wrote a mini version I either wouldn't know how to fill it out because it had been done or that I'd set the story in stone and would not be able to change my mind. Now I know that''s silly but it did make me reluctant to put pen to paper. But I did and actually I'm quite excited about it.

Three Cheers for- The Highs and Lows of My Writing Week

  • Have completed a synopsis for a new project set way back in Saxon times - almost 2000 words :)

  • Had a short story rejected by Womans Weekly :(

  • Submitted two short stories for consideration (yes, I said 2) :)

  • Received another rejection letter from WW but don't know what its for :/

  • Submitted two articles to Suite 101. One on a Training and Development Policy and the other on Core Competency Frameworks :):)

  • Blogged three times :):):)

  • Begun to edit my novel in light of the very positive comments received :)

  • But now think I need to review the synopsis :(

On balance not a bad week...

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