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30 October 2009


The Month It All Happens!
November is traditionally the month when writers lock themselves away and scribble and scribble and scribble. If they are lucky they will emerge on the 1st December feeling very pleased with themselves and 50,000 words richer. If not they still may have written more than they have ever done in a month. For those who are not writers and for some reason might read this blog (heaven knows why!) or maybe you just haven;t come across this pheomena, the challenge I'm talking about is Nanowrimo (in short stands for write a novel in a month). So tomorrow is the last day to get your self prepared and hyped up, sharpen your pencils, fill up your fountain pens and exercise your typing fingers.

Three Cheers For!...My Writing Highs and Lows

Well as you know, my writing has been a bit hit and miss, but when I sat down to consider my achievements this week, it ain't that bad. Well that's my view anyway.

  • Three blogs submitted :)

  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101, one funnily enough on Keeping a Writers Blog and the other is the start of a series, Characterisation using the Zodiac :)

  • Nine queries submitted this very afternoon (haven't submitted any for 3 weeks!

  • Synopsis of WIP The Promise has been shaken out of me and now sits in the inbox of my fellow writers (Writers Abroad). We have our first 'international' meeting tomorrow afternoon

  • The beginning of my plan for November has begun, but as you know from above, I plan to go into writing hibernation (blogs apart that is)

Have a fruitful writing week...

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