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2 October 2009


A Two Way Process
I've just finished critiquing a 100,000 word historical novel written by a Canadian writer called Nancy. In return, she has critiqued my first novel All Will Be Well which I am currently seeking an agent for. It has been quite an enlightening process for me. I read Nancy's work not just as a reader but as a fellow writer wanting to provide some constructive feedback. That kind of changes your relationship with the book but on the other hand provides a rich insight into the craft of writing. Now finishing the critique has almost took up three whole days of this week and I've probably spent at least three times that reading and writing comments. I'm a luddite, I have to print and then read and then comment and then type... so it's a bit like a snails pace for me. But the experience has been a positive one and quite an enlightening one, Nancy writes erotica as well as mainstream (the novel I critiqued was for submission to Harlequin/Mills and Boon). Boy can she write the bedroom stuff! Check out her website at E Jamie if you dare...

Three Cheers For.... The Highs and Lows of my Writing Week

  • Novel critiqued and feedback provided to Nancy! :)

  • My novel critiqued and positive feedback :) :) :)

  • Only one submission to Suite 101 this week, due to commitments I've already talked about. This article talks about the importance of Staff Induction :/

  • About 500 words written for the 5 minute Write Everyday prompt - will get back into sync next week

  • Three queries submitted but not just that, revised and amended and rewritten even more specifically for target market.

  • Planning for October completed - and as usual HUGE expectations!!

  • Three blog posts uploaded - this being the third. I try not to let this one slip

Ci Vediamo - see you next week!

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