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2 April 2011

Front Page

If you could be on the front page of any magazine, which would it be? For me it would have to be a writing magazine. I won't choose one here because it feels a bit fatalistic. But to feature on any one of them would be quite a personal scoop. Maybe it would tie in with the publication of the first of a series of historical drama's that I'd been commissioned to writer over the duration of my life - well one has to dream big! Or maybe it would be a series of 'how to' articles from the desk of a published author, a position I hope to have one day.

I don't think I'd like a picture of my phizog though, I take a dreadful picture as my long suffering husband will only tell you. 'Smile naturally' he shouts at me just as the shutter is about to go off rendering a malevolent  grin which only looks good on the face of a comic about dogs with big mouths. No, I'd like the cover of my book on the front page, but then that's another dilemma - who would create such a thing of beauty? I love front covers. A front cover is one of the reasons I would pick up a book in the first instance, I may put it back down again having read the blurb, or the first page, or heaven forbid the last page (a habit I'm trying to break). But a front cover is important. It's like any kind of 'front shop'. It needs to draw your audience in, whoever it maybe. 

So come on, spill the beans, where would you like to flaunt your stuff?

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