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4 April 2011

Writing Prompts

Are good for a writers soul. At Writers Abroad we do them regularly - our Monday Muse. The key is to choose a prompt, which can be anything from a first line, an image, a plot scenario and  free write (write without punctuation, following your thoughts) for twenty minutes or 500 words. Sometimes we go over time and word count, but that's not important. Writing without the inner critic helps to free the mind and whilst some of it might not make a lot of sense, many of us have gone on to develop these muses into flash fiction and short stories, some of which have been published.

Here are some of the sites that offer some suggestions for prompts. Why not have a go and free your inner writer, the one who is the most creative... it may look a little like alphabet soup to begin with but I can guarantee you that a nugget of a story will be hiding there somewhere.

Don't Think Just Write

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