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5 April 2011

Ten Guilty Pleasures

Although writing and my loved one are definitely listed as a pleasure, I can hardly admit that I feel guilty about them. What would life be without a little bit of a guilt trip now and again? These are some of mine - I'm sure there are lots more...

  • Maltesers (or chocolate balls as my granddaughter calls them) as many as I can cram in to my hamster-like cheeks
  • A glass of something red whilst cooking lunch
  • A ten minute snooze following lunch
  • Flicking through a trashy magazine (like Hello) looking at pictures
  • A long, soapy bath ideally by candlelight and with a good book and a tank of hot water for refills
  • Any Elvis Presley film
  • Bags of any kind, preferably leather and made in Italy
  • Fountain pens and inky fingers
  • Puppies and kittens - usually ones that no-one else wants
  • Singing along to 'I will Always Love you' by Whitney Houston (you don't want to be around)
So come on 'fess up. How do you pass your guilty moments?

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