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3 April 2011

Mothers Day

Is a little over rated if you ask me, and yes I'm a mother! It seems to me just a way for someone (makers of greeting cards, florists for example) to make more money and often out of small children. Why is it that the price of flowers particularly increase just for this one day? I'm of the thought that everyday could be a 'mothers' day because mothers  don't only mother on one day, its a year long job for the rest of your life. And if it's the only day that a child recognises the efforts made by their mother, it's a pretty poor show.

So even though my darling son has remembered, he also often remembers me throughout the year, by just saying 'thanks' or 'I love you'. Far more meaningful than going along with the crowd. I'd rather he spend the money from today on something which really counts, perhaps on children who no longer have their mothers or mothers who are in need of help in one way or another. That would at least make a difference to someone. 

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