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1 April 2011

Ultimate Blog Challenge


I've signed up for the Ultimate Blog Challenge for April, in the hope that it might give me the inspiration to blog for the love of it - rather than it being a chore. I love to write and am at my happiest with pen and paper or in front of the PC, thinking of the right word, the perfect phrase, the succinct sentence. 
However, with blogging, I've stumbled along a bit lately and I've been thinking over some of the reasons why this may have happened. I think there are several things a blog, or a blogger needs:
  • A Passion for what you are writing about
  • So a Theme is probably a good thing
  • The Commitment to blog regularly and consistently
  • Which means that you need to Write well and succinctly
  • To Follow other like-minded blogs and contribute via comments
So, with that in mind, I shall use this month to shape and develop my blog into something I Want to do and hopefully a place where people can come along and enjoy the read...

Don't Think Just Write

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