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30 June 2009


Current Work: Planning for July
Listening to: Nothing, the silence is pleasing
Reading: Echo Burning by Lee Child

A New Month Approaches
I've spent the morning reviewing this month (less said the better) and planning the next month (it will get better). The trouble is with this writing business is that it can be so up and down, but when I stop to think about it - its no different to any other job. Though I'm not sure I could call this a job, the hours are as flexible as contortionists limbs, the pay is infrequent and the conditions, well that's down to me and the best part of the job. Anyway, I've brushed myself down and given myself a good talking too and am now back on track. I've writing three A4 pages of actions and have renewed energy for the next writing saga. So the novel will be submitted to a second agent. The second novel The Promise will start to take shape and the third novel The Good Life will hopefully be well on its way to a completed first draft. I have also started to research a novella, based in Saxon times for the Historical Undone Series and have planned to submit two short stories. Phew!! That's without all the non-fiction stuff with Suite 101 and twelve queries a week. So there is plenty for me to wield my inky pen with. We have relatives staying but that's OK, sometimes having these kind of distractions helps me to focus a little quicker and a little smarter. So onwards and upwards - things can only get better as the song tells us!

Book Worm

Sorry, haven't finished the book yet, though had a good slug of reading time on Sunday. Will have finished by next week, promise

Confucius Says... Quotes on Writing

"For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can."

~ Ernest Hemingway

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