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5 August 2009


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To Blog or not to Blog?
I've changed my blog days again, thought I'd revert back to Monday, Wednesday, Friday and do shorter posts. I have been reading about how to make the best of your blog, so am going to put it into action. Though I know I should be slumbering. The trouble is the heat has dissipated, we've had a day and a bit of rain (which is great for the veggies) and I'm in auto mode as I prepare for my lovely son and his family who arrive on the 14th. So I will blog, it may be short but a blog it will be...

Book Worm

Characters: Told mainly from the view point of slave Floren and the household of Jacob and Rebekka including two servants Lina and Sorrow.

Plot: Floren is a young intelligent girl who tells the story of their life and how things are never what they may seem

Setting: North America in the seventeeth century

Quick Summary: Toni Morrisson has a gift for telling it how it is. The use of words and description are powerfully weaved together in this short story which tells a sorrow tale about slavery, about greed and about power but mostly about love. Its quite a difficult read as there is little dialogue which is written in the patouis of the time. I enjoyed it, but it took a long time for me to get into it.

Recommendation: I would if only for the words and how to construct beautiful descriptions. As a story, I'm not sure. I think if you have read Beloved or Jazz or any other of Toni Morrisons work you might find this a little tame.

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