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31 August 2009


Current Work: Catchup and plan for September
Listening to: The sound of My Man Friday strimming
Reading: A Minette Walters novel I think just finished When Good Friends Go Bad by Ellie Campbell

All Good Writing Plans...
As usual I set my self an inordinate amount of actions to complete and now at the end of the month I'm sitting here with my red pen. I feel a little bit like Jean Brodie, sour face, tut tutting all over the place and shaking my head. But I must have done something? Of course I have -
  • 3 Queries (not enormous) but I have several outlined and ready to go - what with the silly month nearly out everyone should be back at their desk. Good planning or what?
  • 4 Suite 101 articles (my original target of one a week) but back on track for two per week - they are good starters for longer articles.
  • Two Short stories submitted and another one ready for submission
  • Sort of maintained my blog
  • Entertained my lovely son and partner, two very active grandchildren, 1 dog, four kittens and now have successfully persuaded the 3 degrees to lay some eggs! (Must have been the words 'Sunday and Roast' which did it.
And sadly a rejection for All Will Be Well but onto the next two agents for contacting.

Happy September Writings!!

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