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24 August 2009


Current Work: Catch up after time out
Listening to: Kittens squeaking (do they squeak?)
Reading: When Good Friends Go Bad by Ellie Campbell

Holiday time
Is great, but there is always a price to pay and I'm paying it today. Have just had my son and family over for ten days which has been fantastic, but my writing has been non-existent. Oh I tell a lie, I have managed to keep up with my daily journal, ramblings about my life but that is all. So now I'm catching up with all the things I should have done before - though I had tried to get myself organised. Have even had to postpone our Writers Group because I haven't come up with the goods. But I shan't be too hard on myself, even the best and most brilliant writers (and anyone else for that matter) needs to take a break, spend some time building relationships which are long distance and just recoup. Though it feels like I've been on a rollercoaster today and have just reached the bottom. I always feel very low when they have gone so... will be back on track on Wednesday. Promise...

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